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[Notice] Zigbang completes acquisition of Samsung SDS’ home IoT business

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Dear all,

I am Ahn Sung-woo, CEO of Zigbang. 

Zigbang successfully completed the acquisition of Samsung SDS’ home IoT business on July 28, 2022. 

Zigbang is a global unicorn company leading the Korean proptech market based on the vision of “innovating the experience of space with technology.” Zigbang provides not only real estate transaction information but also a home concierge service that enables people to live in a comfortable and safe living environment.

Based on the development and sales of Samsung Door Lock, Samsung Wallpad and Samsung Lobby Phone, Zigbang will make a foray into the home IoT technology-driven smart home market in the near future. 

We are confident that the new smart home service, which will be presented with the combination of Samsung home IoT hardware’s product competitiveness and Zigbang’s innovative contents related to housing, will usher in a new paradigm of housing culture.

From the experience of “buying” a house to the experience of “living” in a house.

We also promise to create a world where everyone can experience a better life through a new mixture of technology and space.

Meanwhile, highly qualified talents from Samsung SDS’ home IoT business, equipped with ample experience and technological prowess, joined in to share the vision of Zigbang.

We ask for your continued interest and support for Zigbang’s new smart home vision.

Thank you.

July 28, 2022

Ahn Sung-woo

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